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Account Receivable Financing

playvideoMany businesses wait weeks, even months to get paid on their outstanding account receivables. This typically creates major cash-flow issues as you provide your goods and services and absorb those costs until you eventually get paid sometimes 90 days later.

With our Account Receivable Financing you can regularly secure money against your receivables in as little as 24 hours.

Once you are approved you can then receive funding up to 80% of your existing receivables. Medical and construction receivables can also qualify for this financing program with us.

The lender truly doesn’t care about your personal credit to qualify. So even if you have horrible personal credit, if you have good receivables or purchase orders you can still be approved.

This can help significantly ease your cash-flow restraints, and very easily build an even more profitable business.

Approval Amount $10,000-$20 million
Credit Quality Bad Credit Accepted
Collateral Account Receivables
Financials None Required
Approval terms 2-6% rates are common

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