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Can you help me get money for a start-up business?
Yes, we have funding programs specifically designed for new ‘startup’ businesses and franchises. If you have good personal credit or a good personal guarantor you can secure up to $150,000 for your new business.
Can you help me get money for my business if I have no financials?
Yes, over 90% of our funding programs require no financials to qualify.
Can you help me get money for my business if I have bad personal credit?
Building business credit correctly means there is rarely a need for a personal credit check in order for business owners to qualify. This means all business owners, even those with bad credit, can benefit from building their business credit. If the business owner has credit challenges yet has some kind of collateral, business cash-flow, or personal guarantor, they can also get funding along with business credit. Funding can be secured in as little as 30 days. Most forms of acceptable collateral will help the business owner to qualify – these include credit card sales, inventory, equipment, receivables, 401k and securities, even consistent revenue will help with qualifying.
Do you offer business credit or cash funding?
We offer both business credit and funding services for our clients. We first help our clients to obtain money for their business through over 30 financing products with over 2,000 lenders. We then help clients build their business credit so they can obtain even more money with no personal guarantee or credit check.
Can I get approved for money for my business?
Yes we can help you get money for your business. Our business credit building system helps you build credit for your business even if you have a brand new business. You can then use your credit to obtain higher credit amounts, even funding. And your business credit can be built regardless of the quality of your personal credit. So even with challenged personal credit, you can still build credit and obtain funding for your business. If your business has collateral or cash flow, or if you have good personal credit, or have a personal guarantor with good credit, you can typically secure money quickly in addition to the business credit you acquire.
How much money can I really get with you?
Our client can be approved for millions-of-dollars in funding if you have equivalent collateral or financials. Even new ‘startup’ businesses with no collateral can obtain up to $150,000. While businesses with collateral can secure hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to millions-of-dollars depending on the value of the collateral and/or cash-flow they have.
How quickly can I get money with you?
To obtain business funding, lenders typically want to see that you have Collateral, Cash flow, or Credit – whether it’s personal or business credit. If you have collateral, cash flow, or good personal or business credit, then you can typically secure money within 30 days or less. If you have challenged personal credit, no collateral, no business cash flow, you can still secure money using a personal guarantor with good credit. With no guarantor, collateral or cash flow, you will need to build business credit in order to obtain funding which can take up to 12 months.
How do I know if I am a good fit for your company to work with?

If you have great credit, you can secure money through the funding platform suite even if you are looking for funds to start a business. And you won’t need to show financials to qualify. Even if you have a co-signer, or a personal guarantor with good credit, you can quickly secure money with this program. If your business has some type of legitimate business collateral, it will help with qualifying for funding, even if your personal credit have challenges right now.

Acceptable collateral includes purchase orders, account receivables, inventory, equipment, credit card sales, commercial real estate, 401k’s and IRA’s, securities such as stocks, and most other forms of legitimate business collateral. You can even qualify for funding if your business simply has consistent cash flow each month. You can also qualify for funding if you have built good business credit. If you don’t have this, our system will help you build your business credit so you can secure funding based on your business credit profile.

If you don’t have good personal or business credit, do not yet have cash flow for your business, have no acceptable collateral, and no co-signer, you will not secure money quickly through the finance suite. Therefore, if you have an immediate need for money/funding and don’t have any of these essentials, it will take you at least a year of business credit building to truly secure cash money and/or credit lines. If this is your situation, and you don’t have the essentials, we may not be the best solution for you. However, if you have at least one of the essentials – not all of them, like what a bank would require – you stand a good chance of benefiting from the CFP Business Credit/Funding Platform.

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