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” I was approved for a $10 million line of factory credit. This is going to be vital to my company as we continue to grow…”


” I was able to get enough money to start a local franchise company…”

Adam S Thomas

Salt Lake City UT

” when I first signed up for the program i was a little nervous…”

Brett B Russell

Indianapolis IN

” My business is now twice the size because of the loan you were able to help me obtain…”

Debra Cuyler

Bixby OK

” So far, I have obtained about $50,000 in business credit… and it has only been a couple of months…”

Dorothy J Lowell

San Luis Obispo CA

” I was able to get the additional expansion capital I needed, without a personal guarantee. ..”

Elizabeth A Morales

South Orange NJ

” I obtained about $10,000 so far.so i start my business ..”

Mari Mcclure

Chalmette LA

” I was able to get enough capital to cover the expenses we had during our full season…”

Patricia M Guerra

Niagara Falls NY

” I would not have been able to do it without you…”

Sadie R Williams

Reading VT

” After completing the p rogram, it has been totally worth it…”

Sarah R Greene

Bloomfield CT

” I was able to get the startup capital for my company in about four weeks after signing up…”

Sherry O Hawkins

Tampa FL

” My funding adviser was able to help me obtain my startup capital, within 60 days…”

Stella H Mckenney

Dallas TX

” I figured I had business credit since I been in business almost ten years now…”

Steven M Trigg

Norcross GA

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