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Restaurant Financing Line of Credit

Have you every worked with a lender that just didn’t understand your industry but they wanted to give you capital. Many businesses in the restaurant industry deal with the “a-round-peg-in-a-square-hole” financing scenario. Were excited to introduce a loan program specifically for the restaurant industry with terms that can allow you to maximize your growth without putting a strain on your cash flow.


Approval Amount $5,000 – $750,000
Credit Quality 550+
Monthly Sales 15K per month NO NFS in past 6 months
Terms Up to 3 years (Can be extended)  Rates: Low as 4%
Payback Schedule Client determines (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)


Line of Credit

Gives you access to loan drafts that draw down over a 6 month period. You only pay for what you drawl down.


Flex Pay Loan:

Allows you to defer up to 50% of your loan principal into the future, resulting in the lower payments.





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