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8 Reasons to Consider Partnering With Us

What would you do if you had the opportunity to:

  • Earn a six figure per year income
  • Buy into a turnkey franchise system
  • Finance the start-up costs against future earnings
  • Work less than 60 days per year
  • Have licensed professionals perform the services you offer
  • Earn income in a multi-billion dollar per year industry
  • Service an existing customer base
  • Not have any trainings, certifications, or licenses required

Would You :

Let the opportunity of a life-time to get both time and money as an issue out of the way, slip through your finger tips!

Or Would You

Join one of the Fastest Growing & Largest Privately Owned Tax Companies in North America and earn a six figure income over the next few months and take the rest of the year off?

Discover the company, the app, and the opportunity to get paid like a tax professional.

Industry Leading Software

Fast, Easy, Efficient, and Innovative

Our revolutionary proprietary GoCapTaxMobile Application puts the power of a Full Service Tax Preparation company in the palm of your hands. With the support of 100’s of certified tax professionals your business will process tax returns more quickly and accurately than your competitors. The GoCapTax Mobile Application allows you to simply scan the necessary documents, hit submit and Sit back and relax while a professional tax preparer processes your tax returns.

Want to know how you can position yourself to capitalize?

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